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The Waku language family is a language family which is spoken in the southern part of the Akana globe, more precisely in the easternmost point of the continent Peilaš. This a list of components:

  • Proto-Waku, already spoken in 500 YP and estinguished around 1500 YP
    • Waku, spoken around 1700 YP
      • Sakaryun, spoken from ~1800 to 2100 YP
      • Eilu, spoken from 1750 YP to 2000 YP
    • Bayg, spoken from 1600 to 1900 YP

Waku people have developed agriculture around 600 YP along the Walūy River (Proto-Waku *Bwa-llūe, "great-water"). First kingdoms appeared near the numerous lakes near this river -- as the Wajiēl kingdom (wa "great" - ji "to rule" - ēl "place"), around the city of Kokēl "holy place", and the Gurjiēl (gur meaning "fish"). For nearly one millennium and a half they led wars against each other, until one of the richest states, Pandarajiēl (Pan, the name of a river affluent of the Walūy - dara, meaning "land"), took over all the other states and estabilished the Rudarawajiēl (Ru = all, dara = land, wajiēl = "great place of ruling" = "empire"), which resisted for 200 years until it fell under the pressure of the nobles and it divided in more than a hundred minor states. Names are here given in Waku.

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