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relay thing

shift notes

  • /ai ei/ > /e:/, /au eu/ > /9:/, /iu ui/ > /y:/
  • /v/ inserted between vowel and /y u 9 o/, or /y u 9 o/ and vowel
  • first long vowel in stressless words gets stress
  • unstressed short vowels merge as /@/ except every other vowel from the stressed vowel
  • unstressed long vowels -> short vowels
  • stressed short vowels become long and weaken: /i y e 9 M u o a 7/ -> /I Y E Y @ U O @ @/
  • stress disappears
  • /t_j d_j s_j/ > /tS dZ S/
  • voiceless stops aspirate and voiced consonants devoice word-initially
  • /b d g/ > /B D G/ > /w r\` h/, /h_w/ > /f/, /h_j/ > /C/
  • /@/ drops unconditionally, geminates devoice, regressive assimilation except liquids (nasals aspirate) and aspirated consonants
  • /tr dr sr/ and /rt rd rs/ > /t` d` s`/, /r/ > /z`/
  • voiceless stops voice intervocalically (or between liquid and vowel)
  • /ph th kh/ > /p_h t_h k_h/
  • fricative + /h/ > fricative_h
  • /h/ > /x/ after /a 7 M/, /x_w/ after /o u/, /C/ after /i e/, /C_w/ after /y 9/
  • properties propagate through consonant clusters, devoicing anything in cluster with affricate
  • /@:/ > /I:/ after palatal, /U:/ after labial, /Y:/ after pal+lab
  • vowel shift (see vowel shift section)
  • diphthongs shorten in syllables with coda consonants
  • Iw -> iw
  • w before vowel -> v
  • rounding transfers from consonants to following vowel, {_w > 9, and disappears from cons.
  • insert homorganic (to nasal) stop before nasals+fricatives, or nasals+nonhomorganic stops

vowel shift

/a e 9 7 o i y M u E: O: @: I: Y: U: a: e: 9: 7: o: i: y: M: u:/

@: -> 6: 7(:) -> @(:) y(:) -> i(:)w Y: -> I:w 9(:) -> y(:) a:, E: -> {: 6:, O: -> a:

/a e y @ o i iw M u {: a: I: I:w U: e: y: @: o: i: i:w M: u:/

U: -> @:U I: -> @:I (except in I:W) Y: -> @:Y e: -> E:I -> {:I o: -> O:U -> Q:U y(:) -> i(:) @:I -> e: @:U -> o: a: -> A:

   i M u  i M u
   e @ o  e @ o
     a    {   A

/a e @ o i iw M u {: a: e: I:w o: {:I @: Q:U i: i:w M: u:/

grammar notes

  • kill productive edibility
  • make case prefixes from prepositions with short vowels- they lose vowels + become part of the next word (this is before property spreading! see /to m9/ > /t_hm_j_h/)

sample sentences

ones near the top are probably more accurate, although there are probably mistakes in all of them because I'm doing these by hand in X-SAMPA

Ingomoe: no ˈɯːkaɟaːkogon ky sœːgɯˈseːɟevoːu kyːu ˈsanʰ paːpadoːkecivoːu ca ˈecɯvoːu

thislang: nɯːgeakʰnʰ kʲʰ çyçhœʏjvov kʲʰywv hɑːnʰ pʰpʰoːʐəgʲeçʰfʲʰov hæːçʰfʰov

Ingomoe: sœːˈke to ˈmœŋʰɯː ˈceudoguː saˈnʰi

thislang: fʲygʲæː tʰmʲʰɪːwŋʰɯ çæːvʐofu çnʲʰeː