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Phonemic inventory


Labial Coronal Dorsal Glottal
Nasal m n ŋ
Plosive p t k ʔ
Affricate ts
Fricative s h
Liquid l · ɾ

There is also an archiphoneme |N| whose surface forms are described under Phonotactics and allophony.

  • /ŋ ʔ ts ɾ/ are written g x c r.
  • Other consonants are written as in IPA.


There are three tones: high, mid and low.

Front Central Back
High i
Mid o
Low a

There are also two diphthongs /ai̯ ao̯/. As with the monophthongs, any diphthong can have any tone.

  • Diphthongs are written without an inverted breve located under the offglide.
  • Mid tone isn't marked with any diacritic.
  • Vowels are otherwise written as in IPA, including tone marking as well.

Phonotactics and allophony

  • The general syllable structure is (C)V(|N|).
  • The archiphoneme |N| has six surface realisations:
    • It is realised as [m], written m, before /p/.
    • It is realised as [n], written n, before /t/ and word-finally.
    • It is realised as [t], written t, before the liquids /l ɾ/.
    • It coalesces with /s/ to [dz], written c.
    • It coalesces with /k/ to [ɲ] before front vowels and to [ŋ] elsewhere, written g.
    • It has zero surface form before the nasals /m n ŋ/ and the glottals /ʔ h/.
  • Plosives, bar the glottal plosive, affricates, and fricatives voice intervocalically to [b d g dz z ɦ].
  • The velars /ŋ k/ and the glottal /h/ palatalise before front vowels.
    • The non-intervocalic palatalised allophones of /k h/ are [c ç].
    • The intervocalic palatalised allophones of /k h/ are [ɟ ʝ].
    • The palatalised allophone of /ŋ/ is always [ɲ], both non-intervocalically and intervocalically.
    • The liquid /l/ is velarised to [ɫ] after /ò ō ó àò̯ āō̯ áó̯/.
  • All vowels are nasalised before nasals.
  • The vowels /ò ō ó àò̯ āō̯ áó̯/ are raised to [ù ū ú àù̯ āū̯ áú̯] next to labial consonants.