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PNe English Grammar Meaning Notes
alats purple, ripe adj.
alɔis forest noun, other
alya wild deer noun, animate
arie doe rabbit noun, animate three syllables, does not have a dipthong
bōdnm cook, heat or prepare food verb
bult white, light, shining adj.
casfe cave noun, other
cɛba person, mortal, human noun, human
coipa hill noun, other
"instrumental" derivational suffix
ɛfans rain noun, other
gend red adjective
genṫnus ride verb
gsɔr mountain noun, other
kīn soul, spirit noun, human The spirit of a thinking being, the part that survives death. Lack of this is what separates humans from animals.
kmas spin verb in the sense of "revolve around an axis"
kmast spin verb in the sense of "make thread"
kmastē spindle noun, created
k̇oc- "augmentive" derivational affix
k̇ocsrɔis greatloom noun, created A large, warp-weighted loom
lilɯl yesterday noun, other
ŋowl ancestor noun, human Physical only, one's literal, known progenitor
ɤ̄blka word, saying noun, other
ṗalt walk, go verb
rɤ̄in stag noun, animate Unneutered male deer, including wild males
sŋɛptm collect, gather, hoard verb
srɔis loom noun, created Any device intended to hold threads for the creation of a textile
swenṫsk knife blade noun, created Stone, metal or other; needs a hilt to be a knife
twālti rabbit noun, animate
wēsmi river noun, other
yāma natural spirit noun, human The spirit of a natural feature or phenomenon, e.g. a mountain, a storm