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Period ca. -2000 YP
Spoken in western Tuysáfa
Total speakers unknown
Writing system unknown
Classification Ájnljo
Basic word order unknown
Morphology unknown
Alignment unknown
Created by unknown

Nojenhíh is a language from the Ájnljo language family. It is spoken in west Tuysáfa.


Nasals m n
Pharyngealized nasals /mˤ/ <mh> /nˤ/ <nh>
Stops p t k
Fricatives s /ʃ/ <x> /ħ/ <h>
Pharyngealized fricatives /sˤ/ <sh> /ʃˤ/ <xh>
Liquids r l
Pharyngealized liquids /rˤ/ <rh> /ɫ/ <lh>
Approximants /β/ <v> /ʝ͡ʎ/ <j>


Front Back
Low i u
High /ɛ/ <e> /ɔ/ <o> /ɑ/ <a>

Where there is a single letter, the phoneme and orthography match. Stops can be geminated word-medially. The stress is dynamic and lexical and it's marked with acute accent.


Below is a table listing cognates of Nojenhih with Ájnljo languages.

Meaning Nojenhíh
man najenhíh
water lalháh
tree nájeni
sun mejemhíh
land faf
this nojéh
that noh
that yonder novóh
house újoje
turtle ujáh
egg máje
to grow íveje

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