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Period c. -100 YP
Spoken in Sumarušuxi
Total speakers unknown
Writing system unknown
Classification Isles languages
Basic word order head-final
Morphology fusional
Alignment NOM-ACC
Created by Legion

Naxuutayi is a language of the Isles family, spoken in Sumarušuxi archipelago around -400 to 100 YP. During this period it came to replace Thokyunèhòta as the lingua franca of the archipelago.

Among Isles languages it is notable for its small consonant inventory and large vowel inventory, including phonemic vowel length. It has a very simple (and non-phonemic) pitch accent system.


  • Proto-Isles (c. -2000 YP)
    • Naxuutayi (c. -100 YP)

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