Luyíma alphabet

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Luyíma alphabet
luyíma, luyímà vuuyin zayxa
Type alphabet
Languages Vuuyin Zayxa
Time period 1300 - 1500 YP
Parent systems Oryziform
 Ndak syllabary
  Fáralo alphabet
  Luyíma alphabet
Number of glyphs 39
Direction left-to-right
Created by dendana
To Be Continued...
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The Luyíma alphabet is an alphabet which was originally invented for writing the Vuuyin Zayxa language.


Origins of the glyphs

Vuuyin Zayxa value Fáralo value
á a asa "woman" 9
n, nasalization n nenga "leaf" 67
va, vo, ua, uo ou omo "mother" 73
m, nasalization m mabm "mouth" 77
i, í, y i itwam "arm" 17
é e esul "take" 288
Ø r rud "man" 16
p, q p1 mpaiswa "fish" 49
x, low tone s tsong "knee" 63
o, ó o okwa "ear" 20
z z
k, q k1 nggol "foot" 52
u, ú, v (v only as an indefinite clitic) u ulwo "rope" 92
v w wedn "herb" 60
Ø g1 komwa "tongue" 2
ya, ye, ia, ie ei empi "grass" 19
z, y d1 ton "hand" 1
s, qs č1 ngkilba "plough" 198
ph p2 pap "shield" 97
th t2 daing "mountain" 75
kh, f (f only in <khw>) k2 gan "knife" 65
h, low tone h susi "mouse" 76
f f
v b1 pon "island" 62
l l lai "bird" 14
n, nasalization ŋ ngane "neck" 81
t, q 't1 ndai "tree" 112
s, qs č2 kil "barley" 31
iye æ ande "stand" 282
x, low tone š tsilâu "tooth" 111
a, e, i(n) (unstressed) ǝ