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Period -1400 ÷ -1000 YP
Spoken in Western Tuysáfa
Total speakers 20.000 ÷ 100.000
Writing system unknown
Classification Leic
Basic word order unknown
Morphology unknown
Alignment unknown
Created by Pole, the

Deraighaw is a collective name of a group of Leic dialects that went extinct around -1200 ÷ -1000 YP.


Consonants labial dental alveolar palatal velar glottal
nasal m n ng
stop p b t d ts dz k g
fricative f v s z sh zh kh gh h
sonoric l r y w

Vowels front back
close i u
mid e o
open a ai au


Its name comes from one of the deciphered texts in so called Deraighaw-A:

  • Laigadz deraigham laigad deraighaw. Laulla kherba vangaugadz laigad tsem tsigwadz hamid.
    We speak our language. The bright spirits caretakers gave it to us by the wind.

Other texts:

  • Aig Tuh Zingairbad Tsedbad khod tsegham. Kad aiyedz ur en rawo. Kad rawo Tsedbad Pin tsegham ninggad luru. Kadz tsegham daher lehowzhohngo.
    Aig Tuh is Zingair Tsed's spouse. They have a son and a daughter. Their daughter Tsedbad Pin is a foster carer of chickens. They are indeed a happy family.
  • Weshohbo aiyem rawo. Pa mubim, iv li faingam. Pa deraigham laibad: “Lem na mainwo, akha lepuw ku? Aiyru ta tsem: «Li eyaimim, lin muyngo zopim.» Tsem nigh mainwo, nigh lepuw. Vofowew tsegh.”
    In the house there is a girl. She makes me laugh. She says to me: “Is everything either true or false? There is something else: «I am smart and you are stupid.» It is half true, half false. It is the philosophy.”
  • Wewe maraib laigwim tser. Pa tsirna tirdzuvwim. Pa saibim idgitsi.
    A wise man once lived on a mountain. He would watch the stars. He died today.
  • Vika tsezh zipiz. Vika tsezh paiyez. Lemna tseghadz laibad mor witsem. Murnuw li airgaw tenem.
    Plants are white. Plants are black. It's all the same to me. I can't see colors.
  • Khaurdziz widbo aiyedz etom weshohna. Monriz lulen nopa en pad khod. Kad uyngo en pad zahew tiwzhohadz inribo. Fining weshah khughdaw en tom lehon laingadz. Kad nil tsegham iyaig zurung on en pad nefi. Tenma mengovrana zhakudwo waiwwe enzhi, gemi tsagh. […] Indaz tsegh wekhel, tsed aiyru mo sud en nger. Mor tauruz nowigh laingam khen. Lin aiyedz mokadz etenmaribo, tsing ranuw mong shiwzhoham wi ngetsu.
    At the lake Khaurdziz there are nine houses. The first one hosts a man and his wife. Their son and his loved one dwell the second one. In the third house, a married couple and five children live. Their neighbour is a mad, envious stranger and his mother. The fifth domicile protects a wise merchant, who is a teacher. […] The eight one is a cottage, it has no window and no backyard. One old unmarried woman lives there. And there is nobody in the ninth one, so you can move to that place.
  • Maidged vangaugadz! Laibad tseg ngelgad eyaimaw. Mob iv li tenem lepuwna en mainwona en muwvawona. Mob iv li wirim gapailaw lin tidim zhiyiw. Mob laihen khaughlu waiwgu fuviz.
    Spirits of wind! Give me your wisdom. Let me see things that are true, things that are false and things that are neither true nor false. Let me choose what is right and reject what is wrong. Make me a good man that is noble and brave.