Boed Gøojjitsø

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Boed Gøojjitsø was a Dorian scientist who invented the steam engine.


Early Life

Boed was born in Tsøba, a rural area in Doroh, on December 3, 442. His mother was Amø Gøojjitsø and his father was Debaʰ Gøojjitsø.


As a child, Boed played many games, and went to Mēthes II Elementary School. However, school was interrupted when the war started in 450. School was cancelled, and his family when into hiding within the shack. The next year, when school started again, his school was invaded by Huyfárah troops. While the school hid in the basement, Boed (now age 9) and his teacher conducted a science experiment, that accidently caused the school to go up in flames, killing the troops. He was regarded as a school hero. Despite getting correct answers, he often got fails on tests for his doodles. For example, he once got in detention for three days after doodling all over his geography test, which is now on display in the Doroh National Museum of Science and the Arts (DNMSA). BGTest.png

Millitary Time

Boed served in the army during the last year of the war. He was not mobillized till the last month of the war, and broke his leg during the march to Huyfarah. He was sent home.


In 462, Boed became an adult. Now known as Mr. Gøojjitsø, he taught at Masnaga High School as a science teacher. However, in 470, he quit to become a scientist.

Later Life

In 476 Boed began developing a steam engine. He sent a letter to his mother saying he had built a 'wonderful thing', and that her daily chores would soon 'be no more than words in the history." In 477 Boed finished the steam engine, and employed it to do various things. The next year, after a newspaper interviewed him, he rose to international fame. However, due to the high amount of tourists in his home, he caught smallpox and died on the 30th of November, three days short of his birthday.