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Period c. -6000 YP
Spoken in Peilaš
Total speakers Bang & Olufsen
Writing system something in python
Classification Team A Languages
Basic word order rum & Coke
Created by Linguifex



 coronal   palatal   velar   glottal 
 Nasal  n ȵ ŋ
 Plosive  t k ʔ
 Fricative  s · z ɕ · ʑ h · ɦ
 Affricate  ts · dz tɕ · dʑ
 Approximant  l j · ɥ ɰ · w
  • /ʔ/ is written ❬q❭.
  • /ȵ ŋ/ are written ❬ne ng❭.
  • /ɕ ʑ/ are written ❬se ze❭.
  • /ts tɕ dz dʑ/ are written ❬c j ce je❭.
  • /j ɥ ɰ/ are written ❬y ÿ ẅ❭.
  • /ɦ/ is written ❬ḣ❭.


 front   central   back 
     high i iː u uː
low a aː aɪ̯ aʊ̯

Short vowels are represented as in the IPA; long vowels take an acute accent.

Ballistic Phonation

$LANG features ballistic phonation of its syllables. Orthographically this is represented as a grave accent (for short vowels) and as a circumflex (for long vowels). For the purposes of this article, in the IPA this is represented as two vertical lines below the vowel (using /a/ as an example, //).


Syllables in $LANG are C(w)V.

Phonological Processes

Two main phonological processes are of note in $LANG.

  • Vowel lengthening occurs when a preceding vowel is lengthened.
  • Lenition occurs when an obstruent is voiced (and, if the obstruent is a plosive, becomes a fricative or, in the case of /k/, /ɰ/).