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To Be Continued...
Rorschach is still working on this article. The contents are incomplete and likely to undergo changes.

Tkeḏ is a T1 language of the Southeastern branch; it is most closely related to Teyetáti, and more generally to such languages as Omari, East and West Yalan, Tumetıęk, Cednìtıt, Hkətl’ohnim, and Cëzëdeğozin.

[ tkɛð ]
Period c. 0 YP
Spoken in Yètùpono'mòn mountains (SE Tuysáfa)
Total speakers unknown, thought to be less than 10,000
Writing system unknown
Classification T1 languages
  Southeastern T1
Basic word order VOS
Morphology agglutinating/polysynthetic with some fusion
Alignment NOM-ACC
Created by Linguifex


Phoneme inventory


labial dental alveolar palatal velar glottal
nasal m n ŋ
plosive p t k ʔ
trill r
fricative f · v ð s · z x · ɣ h
approximant l j w
  • /ʔ/ is written ❬q❭.
  • /ð x ɣ/ are written ❬Đ Ǥ Ḵ❭ in uppercase and ❬ḏ ḡ ḵ❭ in lowercase.
  • /j w/ are written ❬y w❭.


The Tkeḏ vowel inventory is as follows. Vowels can be one of three tones: High, mid, or low.

front central back
close i · y u
mid ɛ · œ
open aɪ · a · aʊ
  • /á ɛ́ œ́ í ý ú/ are written as ❬á é ó í ú ẃ❭.
  • /a ɛ œ i y u/ are written as ❬a e o i u w❭.
  • /à ɛ̀ œ̀ ì ỳ ù/ are written as ❬à è ò ì ù ẁ❭.