The Derivizer.

This is a Javascript tool for derivation/compounding. Enter your headwords and their meanings/glosses in the box to the left, separated by a dividing character (which you can choose in the Divider input field). Enter your derivational affixes or dependent lexemes/roots in the box to the right, again separated from their meanings/glosses by the dividing character. You can add a tooltip description after a second divider character. Select your output options and hit Suggest to receive suggestions for derived or compounded words. Use cut and paste to save your work.
— Jan Strasser, 2012-2015

This is beta code; please report errors to me at cedh at conlang org.


Lexical bases

Dependent morphemes



Boundary character:

Basic morpheme order:
Head-final and suffixing
Head-initial and prefixing

Derivation type:
Simple affixation
Mixed (i.e. configurable with boundary characters)

Output type:
Single word
Several derivations from a single base
All possible derivations from a single base
One derivation applied to several different bases
Multiple bases with several derivations each
A list of random suggestions


v0.33 beta, 15 March 2015